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New York State of mind

We brought 26 debaters to states and we did wonderfully. In the intermediate public forum division all four teams made it to elimination round with Ethan Kim and Sajan mehrotra winning their first elimination round as the one seed. In the novice division, four teams broke and shay and Alexa, as the one seed, got to quarters. We also had a ton of fun outside of great debating with some really fun spikeball. Signing off on a great 2016-2017 season. 

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Boston Blast

February 18, 2017

54 HMers killed it this weekend at Harvard. On the varsity side, in a pool of 350 teams, 4 teams broke. Honor & Sid got to quarters. Asher & Alex, who were 6-0, and Liz & Ella, who got coached over, reached dubs. Sajan & Ethan broke, and Sajan got 10th speaker! For the JVers, 4 teams broke. Alexa & Shay got to quarterfinals! Shoutout to Grant, Belén, and Ethan for being dope coaches, and to Mrs. Rudbeck and the parents for their unwavering love and support. Hype to continue the #HegeMony post season.


Prevailed At columbia

FebRuary 1, 2017

The team had a great showing at Columbia last weekend. 3 of 5 teams broke, including 2 who had their first varsity break. Asher and Alex once again had a stunning run, reaching quarterfinals—their fifth bid, in addition to their autoqual! They now have the second most bids in the nation. Nader and Aaron had their first career break at a varsity tournament and got to double octas. Shay and Alexa (freshmen at their first varsity tournament!) reached runoffs. Hype for Penn and Harvard!

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Conquered Lexington

January 15, 2017

Siddharth, Honor, and Asher were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd speaker overall!

5 of our 7 teams broke, and everyone finished with a winning record!

Asher and Alex didn't drop a single ballot until semifinals and gained their 4th bid to states of the year.

Honor and Sid were 4th seed and got to octas. Ella and Liz,

Gustie and Daniel, and Richard and Jeren got to dubs. Hype for Columbia next weekend!

Triumph in the cold

December 18, 2016

The least chill team on the circuit killed it in the -23 degree weather in Minneapolis, where Asher, Alex, Honor, and Sid all reached octafinals. Honor and Sid were the 3rd and 6th place speakers. Asher and Alex also made us proud today in the round robin.

Ella and Elizabeth finished their qual for the TOC in SEMIS - three teams are Kentucky bound! We now have the second most bids out of any school in the country. We also got stuck in elevators and rode pigs.

Special shoutout to Ethan, Belen, and Grant for being the best coaches we could ask for. Thanks to Mrs. Rudbeck for providing unwavering support and good cheer. 


SucCess at ridge

December 11, 2016

No words can describe how proud we are of our novice hegemons' performance at Ridge. 
7 HM teams broke. Caroline and Taimur copped speaker awards. Horace Mann CK and DB reached octafinals. Shay and Lex didn’t drop a single ballot until quarters. Eddie and Ben reached semifinals. AND RHEA AND CAROLINE WON THE TOURNAMENT. 


An Ivy classic At princeton

December 3, 2016

All of our teams had a winning record, and 4/5 teams broke! Natasha and Richard, first time partners, hit the ground running and reached trips, as did Zoe and Lily. Asher and Alex got to dubs - Alex's adult life is off to a good start. Honor and Siddharth got to quarterfinals, completing their TOC qual. Honor also got a speaker award.

MD Madness

December 3, 2016

Middle School debaters dominate NYC Urban Debate League tournament!

Nina and Sam won 1st place, Mayden and Rohan snagged 3rd, Chien and Bernard came in 4th, William and Gabby came in 6th, Shaari and Ganea came in 7th, and Karpf (the Third) and Grant came in 10th! We're so proud that 6 teams in the top 10 were HM!! Additionally, Leyli recieved 4th best speaker in the tournament, Nina won 8th best speaker, Mayden won 9th, and Karpf won 10th!

Congratulations to all of our amazing MDers for prepping so hard and debating amazingly! We couldn't be more excited for the future of our team.


Regis Brilliance

October 22, 2016

The underclassmen made us proud today at Regis! On the JV side, Sajan and Ethan placed 6th, and Nader and Aaron came in 7th! Our two other teams also had a winning record. The novice dominated. Shay and Alexa were undefeated, coming in 6th place. Taimur and Saif #doubletrouble were 2-1 and placed 12th. Mayanka and Caroline were also 2-1. Karen and Ryan also hit the ground running at their first tournament.



Hegemony at New york city invitational

October 16, 2016

Asher Spector (12) and Alex Karpf (12) had a fantastic run, advancing to quarter finals! On top of their autoqual, this was their second bid. Asher also got a speaker award!

Honor McCarthy (11) and Siddharth Tripathi (11) received their first bid of the season to the TOC, reaching octafinals and both receiving speaker awards. 

Sajan Mehrotra (10) and Ethan Kim (10) broke and reached trips, at their second varsity tournament. 

Many of our other teams finished with winning records, and lots of new partnerships hit the ground running at their first varsity tournament! 


Novice and JV Debaters take on their first tournament of the season

October 01, 2016

HM Debate kicked off its Novice and JV season this Friday night with an MDL at Regis. Congratulations to Ben Lee and Laura Bæ, who finished 2nd place in the Novice Division at their first high school tournament ever! So proud of everyone who debated and excited for what's to come.



Strong start to the season at the yale invitational

September 22, 2016

Horace Mann had a strong start to the season at Yale this past weekend. 

We broke the most amount of teams out of any school, with four out of our five teams reaching outrounds. 

co-Presidents Asher Spector and Alex Karpf led the team and reached octafinals. Elizabeth Raab and Ella Feiner also earned their first bid of their career reaching octafinals, with Ella winning first speaker. Honor McCarthy and Siddharth Tripathi reached trips. Sophomores Sajan Mehrota and Ethan Kim also reached trips after the duo went 5-1 in prelims!

We're incredibly proud of our team and looking forward to a great year. The best is yet to come!